How to Kill the Financial Stay At Home Mom Guilt

How to Kill the Financial Stay At Home Mom Guilt

When the Financial “Stay at Home Mom Guilt” Kicks in

When I became a mom, I used to always feel guilty because I thought I wasn’t providing financially for our family. I felt bad because I was spending on so much baby and postpartum items. There was no other income than my husband’s and I felt responsible. I felt like I needed to contribute financially in order for me to feel at peace with the idea of continuing to buy these items.

When I got pregnant, I contemplated the idea about going back to work, but my heart would not let me, especially when I knew I had the option of staying at home.

After a few days into postpartum, financial guilt accompanied me every single day, as if motherhood itself wasn’t hard enough already. At times I told my husband how I felt but he insisted that he already knew this day would come; that he had already anticipated it and that I should not worry. Still…. I would feel guilt.

After almost two years, I had a conversation with myself about this whole idea in my mind. I needed to eliminate this limited belief that lived in my mind and I did. I killed that financial stay at home mom guilt and I’m sharing this in hopes of you killing it too!

Here’s how to do it:

1. “I am Contributing Financially”

Repeating this affirmation will really shift your mindset. It sure did for me. Your limited belief that you are not contributing financially must disappear in order for you to feel at peace with the idea of staying home. So, grab a sticky note and paste this affirmation in your mirror and repeat it daily as many times as you would like. It’s important to remember that you are doing much more than just contributing financially. If you can’t think of anything here’s two for you: personally and physically caring for your baby.

2. No Day Care Expenses

However long you have cared for your baby, babies and/or kids, that’s how much you have saved on day care. Oh, and if you have more than one then multiply that! Not to mention the money you have saved your family on pediatrician’s visits. We all know babies and kids get sick once they are exposed to other kids and babies. Unfortunately, that’s just how it is.

3. You are the Housekeeper

By staying home you are also constantly cleaning your home, cooking, doing the laundry, the list goes on, right? So, heck yes, you have saved much more than just on ______ years of day care for the “x” amount of children you have.

Still think you are not contributing financially?

Why not think about this….

It might not be money coming in but it is money that never left your bank account and that, that is called financial contribution.

If you’re a stay at home mom, even though you’re not specifically earning an income, you are still ultimately contributing to the financial well-being of your family; And frankly, that’s more than enough.

Throw away that financial mom guilt. You don’t need it, and it surely does not belong! Have a conversation with yourself so that you can be at peace with the idea of staying home.

And remember that whenever you need support, ask for it. Whenever you feel like you need help, ask for it. We cannot be supermoms all the time.

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