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Post partum

4 Common resentments during Postpartum and how to positively respond to them

Postpartum comes with a lot of unpredictable situations and it’s important to acknowledge that resentment during postpartum can rise up. It’s also important to know that this is okay, and it does not make you a bad mother. I’d like to share some tips to certain resentment situations that might manifest during postpartum so that you can feel confident in…

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Health and Fitness

3 Common Fitness Pregnancy Myths

It’s funny how people believe they know you and your body better than you do the moment you get pregnant. People love to dish out advice, which leads to conflicting information, doubts, and outright myths. Being pregnant comes with all sorts of opinions- especially when it comes to your fitness, health and/or workout routines. “You should not be running”, “Don’t…

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